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Have a question? Just contact us.

Some regularly asked questions are set out below.

How do I become a member?

Membership so far has been on an informal basis. To meet the needs of today’s rapidly growing numbers of owners and their representatives, we are now working towards online onboarding. This will allow immediate access to the Club’s suite of standard documents and specialist guidance.

How long has the Club been in existence?

The idea of creating the Club was first floated back in 2008. Only recently, with the return to pre-global financial crisis levels of building, and increasing public scrutiny of large yacht ownership, have Members sought to formalise their association.

Which yacht broker do you recommend?

While brokers play a vital role in the yacht market, we cannot recommend particular brokers. Each brokerage, and each individual broker, has its, his and her advantages and disadvantages in terms of contacts, experience and location. For the sake of simplicity and ease of completion, we would urge would-be buyers to ensure that they are dealing with central sales agents.

Can we advertise with you?

Yes – as long as your business isn’t selling yachts or any yachting-related goods or services. Members trust the Club to provide information and assistance without fear or favour.  As we provide object owner-focused guidance, allowing yachting businesses to advertise might create a conflict of interest. Find out more here.

Can I network with Members?

If Members agree, the Club may organise social and networking events for Members and their representatives in future.

Can you help find me a captain?

Crew agencies, aside, our General Secretary is happy to publicise direct crew and shoreside staff vacancies. Just contact us.

Can you manage my yacht?

No, but Members will soon be able to use the Club’s standard yacht management agreement to contract with third party managers. Indeed, Members may consider that, using the Club’s suite of documents, there may be certain aspects of management which can be  undertaken by their own family offices.

Why doesn’t the Club use the term ‘superyacht’?

It turns out that most of our Members don’t actually like the terms ‘superyacht’, ‘megayacht' or ‘gigayacht’.  They generally feel that it isn’t helpful to be seen by authorities and the media as a special type of yacht. They feel there’s a fine line between label and target.

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